Penguin not provided

Warning, this site has been penalized by Google Penguin!

I write this article because I am desperate and the word is not low. I feel trapped and I really going around in circles.

This site, I took time, to refine it for easy access and that people have fun visit has disappeared !

I have invested much time and passion but my site was penalized by Google. But do not despair !
I told myself that maybe I myself was taken ill to reference it I therefore improves it and apply myself to do well know with a multitude of keywords and all that goes with it so that it is well positioned. But nothing ! It is as if Google did not want it.
But I am not discouraged and many times, and I dare say how many times, I try to create other sites with the word penguin and each time, the same old story, I came across sites for animals.
So I try to create my own page and here I bridled. In desperation, I want to create a blog, it's the same thing.
I want to put my web creations with the word "penguin" and I can not do as if Google was making every effort to counter me. Why ? I do nothing wrong and I have so many ideas on this subject that I would like to break through.
But every time I encounter the same problems. My site is no longer visible and then it will get the to the umpteenth page and again.
How can I break through the wall ? I'm not a professional SEO and I just want to live from my work. And it's not bother to tell you how important this is for me ! But face a giant like Google is huge for me. It is as if I could not use that word so simple as the word "penguin". Why ? What is going on ?
How to express my anger against a wall. Having no one to meet me. This paperless world is really not simple to understand.
I talked to a person who creates websites and explained that part of the source code was hacked. It's called a snippet. Duly noted and I resign myself or at any stop or to create something new.